Thursday, October 11, 2007

Julie came in, here is her poem...

Julie and the Medical Condition

Oh, sweet Julie fair

with brown eyes and brown hair
Has a love that she longs to see

Each week she makes sure,

with a heart that's quite pure,
To find time for with them to be

It takes only an hour
for her joy to flower
On her face, a fine filigree

And when the time's up
it is awfully abrupt
And she knows she wants not to be free

For each night when she dreams

Each picture gleams
With what her life someday may be

And when she wakes to the day

the dreams prompts her to say:
"I love you, Grey's Anatomy."

Love you, Julie!

I hope everyone enjoys their next week! See you after break, world!


Mentally checked-out!

Mentally checked out, and, therefore, not wanting to process anything else completely intellectual until after fall break.

And now, continuing with the poetry vein:

An Ode to Shanna Dell
(The Limerick!)
There once was a SOI we called Shanna
Who, unlike most girls, disliked fauna
One evening at work
She revelaed a small quirk
When she changed her whole name to Svetlana
Now there's a SOI named Svetlana
Who really is a prima donna
She's really forthright
(Her bark's worse than her bite)
One day she hopes to reach nirvana
Svetalana has twenty iguanas
Half of them are named after Madonna
She puts them in clothes
Then likes making them pose
In scenes full of Americana

(The traits discussed in this poem do NOT relfect nor are supported by Shanna Dell[TM], especially the final stanza)

When Julie comes in I'll write one about her, too...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Haiku: The Challenge

Goal of this blog: to write about recent events in verse, specifically haikus. Aaaaaand, go!

Homecoming weekend
Beloit students past
One day we'll remember, too
The sweetness of youth

Oh, Kappa Delta
Alum whose stories rivet
Champion Osculate

Geology field trip on Sunday
Early in the morn'
Stumble to the science lab
Naptime in the vans

Baraboo, 'sconsin
In ancient times, folded rocks
Continents collide

Devil's Lake, cliffs, sun
Wade in at lunch, rocky sand
Hey! I skipped two rocks!

The exhuastion of the mind
Study. Sleep. Study.

Papers and research
Stacking mental layers with
Full concentration

Fall break
Freedom? Is that you?
Fling, float, fly, flap, flaunted rest
I had forgotten

Student Outreach Interns
Old and matronly
A little bit square, but cute
As Beloit is shared

While in Admissions
Things get creative and crazed
And sometimes Miss Seuss-

Miss Seuss says: What did
You do? Where did you go? Did
It rain? Did it snow?

Then I write in verse
Oh, aren't syllables funny?

Thanks, Krista, for the
Inspiring, accidental
Oh, my dear Miss Seuss

Have a nice night, friends!