Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ebb and flow

Boy, this has been a semester of learning my limits as far as involvement goes. From here on out my weeks are packed/empty until the end of the year. Appreciating free time when it comes has never been more important, and I'm definitely getting better at recognizing and capitalizing during those moments. All that aside, this past weekend was quite a bit of fun. I relaxed all Saturday, going to see the Muppet Movie in the evening with Emma Ramsbottom '10.
(Here's Kermit the Frog and Fozzy Bear in the front seat with Emma and my favorite Muppet couple, Gonzo and Camilla the Chicken, in the back)

That night I went out to the C-haus to dance with a couple friends to an awesome visiting DJ that comes to campus every now and then. On Sunday I celebrated Easter a few ways, most of them involving food in some context. I started by going to church and then having an Easter egg hunt for Theater for Social Action (thanks, Brandon, for helping me hide them... there are probably still a couple there). I also had an egg hunt for my friend (who is, for all intensive purposes, my grandson), Steve... he happens to be Jewish, but a healthy respect and fondness for each other means that we've been able to learn and experience each other's religions a little. Then Angie came to visit me and watch last week's America's Best Dance Crew, and upon arrival we discovered that my parents had had an Easter basket delivered to me. Thanks, Mom and Dad!
(This is reminiscent of the baskets my brother and I used to have when we were kids- I loved picking jelly beans out of the green plastic easter grass stuffed inside the Bunny's belly :) )

That night I had a junk food binge party to celebrate the end of lent, for the duration of which I had given up junk food and pizza. There was an intimidating spread of delicious things available, including (but not limited to) 5 pizzas (with 4 on call), sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken, vegetable lo mein, fried rice, brownies, cake, ice cream, garlic and parmasean fries, mini corn dogs, chips, cheetos, girl scout cookies, cinnamon rolls, donuts, candy, and peeps. I almost wish I were joking. It was a fantastical meal, filled with every good thing one could think of. Except pie. But then, that just would have been over the top. ;) Thanks, friends, for helping me eat it all! The evening ended with a great group of people chatting and watching Hair, which happens to be my mom's favorite movie.

I hope everyone's weekends were happy and the coming week won't be too crazy! Have fun!