Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let's Talk Theater for Social Action

Hello everyone!
My goodness things have been hectic! The most important thing that's happened recently is that yesterday Theater for Social Action had our performance of the semester. It was called "Let's Talk About Sex(ism), Baby!" and looked at sexist and gender issues that are rarely talked about. Every scene was taken from the lives of TSA members directly, or people they know. One skit focused on male eating disorders/body image and sports, another on the stigma attached with getting tested for STDs, and another on the fine line between chivalry and sexism. There was discussion for about an hour and a half, and I know I've continued to talk about it outside of the performance setting.

I love Theater for Social Action because it's such a great way to be proactive and bring up topics that fly under the radar that need to be discussed. Most often these things aren't addressed because of the tension involved in talking about such topics, like racism, sexism, and sexuality discrimination (sexualitism?). That's one of TSA's goal, to make it safe to discuss things, as well as make people feel like they have the skills and knowledge to address these issues out on the campus and in the real world. Starting that dialog between people is very important, no matter what stance they may have, and often most of the battle is getting up the courage to speak out and express one's opinion when oppression is present in a situation. In our society,the fear of being labeled or thought of as argumentative, as well as the avoidance of what is viewed as conflict, all play a big roll in the side-stepping of productive discussion.

What are we afraid of? Is a few moments of uncomfortable conflict a reason to avoid these important topics and facts of life? How will one know how one feels or know enough to make that decision without talking about it and gathering knowledge? Can't these discussions come from a place of inquiring, non-oppressive, love?

I believe they can and they must.

In short, I'm proud of what TSA has done, but there's still much more to be done. Come fast, next semester!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Night and Day (originally from 4/7)

This weekend was quite exciting! On Friday night Kappa Delta had our annual Mr. Beloit pageant. Talents of the gentlemen included playing guitar, a detailed guide to hugging others on campus, the ability to focus through anything (aka juggling whilst having his legs waxed), dancing with a little sister, and reading a children's book. It was adorable and silly and I'm really happy that it went so well.
Also this weekend my good friend from home, Laura, visited. It was her first time to campus, and it was a really wonderful visit. Yay, friends!

From Friday to Saturday, Voodoo Barbie had our annual 24 hour improv. This is where we do one show at 11 on Friday night, then stay awake and together for the next 24 hours, and then do another show at 10 on Satruday night. Here we are before it all.

And here we are after 2 shows, 24 hours, 1 bad sunburn, 2 play rehearsals, 1 lecture, 1 extremely painful game of apples to apples, many varying forms of British accents, 3 distinct and obscene sharpie tattoos, 2 frisbee games, 6 hours in commons, 2 new nicknames, and countless emotional wounds later.

I would like to say it was nothing but fun, but for us it was only mostly fun... the audience enjoyed it, so I guess that's all we can ask: that our short tempers and incoherent plot lines were comical instead of trying.

You're welcome :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Upsilon!

This week will be the official move into Spring, I can feel it. I mean, it's April now, so the universe doesn't really have a choice... knock on wood. This morning there were minuscule flurries, but then the sun came out this afternoon, so that was encouraging. Even if it snows tonight (again, knock on wood), the next few days I've heard are supposed to be pretty nice and what they're supposed to be this time of year.

Enough weather! This past week Kappa Delta has had two national officers on campus, one for our Official Visit and the other to help us with all the reports that were due today. Since our chapter has only been national a year (to this day! Happy Birthday, Upsilon!!!!!!!!), we have more officer visits so we have enough support while figuring this all out. It's been a chaotic and amazing year, and I can't wait for the years to come!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ebb and flow

Boy, this has been a semester of learning my limits as far as involvement goes. From here on out my weeks are packed/empty until the end of the year. Appreciating free time when it comes has never been more important, and I'm definitely getting better at recognizing and capitalizing during those moments. All that aside, this past weekend was quite a bit of fun. I relaxed all Saturday, going to see the Muppet Movie in the evening with Emma Ramsbottom '10.
(Here's Kermit the Frog and Fozzy Bear in the front seat with Emma and my favorite Muppet couple, Gonzo and Camilla the Chicken, in the back)

That night I went out to the C-haus to dance with a couple friends to an awesome visiting DJ that comes to campus every now and then. On Sunday I celebrated Easter a few ways, most of them involving food in some context. I started by going to church and then having an Easter egg hunt for Theater for Social Action (thanks, Brandon, for helping me hide them... there are probably still a couple there). I also had an egg hunt for my friend (who is, for all intensive purposes, my grandson), Steve... he happens to be Jewish, but a healthy respect and fondness for each other means that we've been able to learn and experience each other's religions a little. Then Angie came to visit me and watch last week's America's Best Dance Crew, and upon arrival we discovered that my parents had had an Easter basket delivered to me. Thanks, Mom and Dad!
(This is reminiscent of the baskets my brother and I used to have when we were kids- I loved picking jelly beans out of the green plastic easter grass stuffed inside the Bunny's belly :) )

That night I had a junk food binge party to celebrate the end of lent, for the duration of which I had given up junk food and pizza. There was an intimidating spread of delicious things available, including (but not limited to) 5 pizzas (with 4 on call), sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken, vegetable lo mein, fried rice, brownies, cake, ice cream, garlic and parmasean fries, mini corn dogs, chips, cheetos, girl scout cookies, cinnamon rolls, donuts, candy, and peeps. I almost wish I were joking. It was a fantastical meal, filled with every good thing one could think of. Except pie. But then, that just would have been over the top. ;) Thanks, friends, for helping me eat it all! The evening ended with a great group of people chatting and watching Hair, which happens to be my mom's favorite movie.

I hope everyone's weekends were happy and the coming week won't be too crazy! Have fun!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I stand on the precipice

This weekend was very healing and beautiful! I finally feel like I can breath a bit, which is exciting! Don't get me wrong, I'm still pretty busy, but there's a little less pressure. This weekend was full of Kappa Delta things: traditions night, initiation, elections, and mucho bonding time. Love you, ladies! Also, there was a Voodoo Barbie performance that was extremely high energy and overall went well. Here's the gang with a cookie cake that Liz's mom brought for us, with the words "Voodoo Barbie is sick" frosted onto it. Thanks, mama Ziner!

Then on Sunday a Theater for Social Action meeting that proved to me just how little time there is before our performance- eesh! The rest of the year's going to be an exciting adventure, and I'm excited for all that's to come. Woohoo!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busiest I've ever been.

I'm the busiest I've ever been. Just thought I'd note it so I can look back later on and decide if that's a true statement or not. Here's something that I wish actually existed to help me get through this weekend:

I guess I'll just have to stick with a good ol' cup of joe.


Monday, March 10, 2008

You know Spring Break's over when...

You all know how I feel about lists, and yet I always feel the need to let you know when one's coming. This post will be a return to said form, a favorite with which to follow breaks. Here you have it:
You Know Spring Break's Over When:
1- Not only are you no longer in sunny California, but you returned to below freezing windchills and snow
2- You can't sit on your bum all day with your improv troupe, watching America's Best Dance Crew and eating hummus
The image “http://media.collegepublisher.com/media/paper997/stills/25ty32k0.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

3- The thought of maybe going to sit by the pool and nap for an hour is only a thought and not an actual physical possibility
4- Your roomate tells you to clean your half of the room... again. And it's only the first day back.
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5- You realize you didn't actually do any of the work you had intended, meaning you're probably on the right track for sleep deprivation... you know, that slightly groggy feeling that went away when you were sleeping 10-12 hours a day and you didn't even need the snooze button
The image “http://www.geek.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/clocky4.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

6- Your first professor of the day is red as a tomato from climbing a volcano in Ecuador
7- Games in varying forms (board games, card games, etc.) seem a figment of the intelligent and lucky imagination
The image “http://renaissanceguy.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/scrabble_box_open.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

8- All of your clean clothes are in your hamper because you're too lazy to hang them up, but none of them are dirty right now, so who cares anyway?
9- Your first after break deadline used to be weeks away and is now suddenly, shockingly, tomorrow afternoon
and 10- After 19 years of life, you've discovered Law and Order marathons on TV, but no matter how sexy you may think Elliot is, you just don't have time anymore to marinate and properly enjoy the juicy arranged marriage, murder, and custody battle soaked drama (warning: plot points vary every hour, on the hour)
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If your Spring Break is yet to come, I hope it's as relaxing as mine was and that is will be a little less jarring upon your return to active responsibility.

(Here's another picture option from google for a "messy room" picture that I found amusing:
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The sweater! The hair! The bandaids! The lack of actual mess! And is that a UNICORN in that painting? The title of this is "Teenage girl standing in messy room". I'll let you decide whether or not that's a fitting title for this work of art.)