Monday, April 7, 2008

Night and Day (originally from 4/7)

This weekend was quite exciting! On Friday night Kappa Delta had our annual Mr. Beloit pageant. Talents of the gentlemen included playing guitar, a detailed guide to hugging others on campus, the ability to focus through anything (aka juggling whilst having his legs waxed), dancing with a little sister, and reading a children's book. It was adorable and silly and I'm really happy that it went so well.
Also this weekend my good friend from home, Laura, visited. It was her first time to campus, and it was a really wonderful visit. Yay, friends!

From Friday to Saturday, Voodoo Barbie had our annual 24 hour improv. This is where we do one show at 11 on Friday night, then stay awake and together for the next 24 hours, and then do another show at 10 on Satruday night. Here we are before it all.

And here we are after 2 shows, 24 hours, 1 bad sunburn, 2 play rehearsals, 1 lecture, 1 extremely painful game of apples to apples, many varying forms of British accents, 3 distinct and obscene sharpie tattoos, 2 frisbee games, 6 hours in commons, 2 new nicknames, and countless emotional wounds later.

I would like to say it was nothing but fun, but for us it was only mostly fun... the audience enjoyed it, so I guess that's all we can ask: that our short tempers and incoherent plot lines were comical instead of trying.

You're welcome :)

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