Thursday, November 8, 2007

Madness in Admissions!

Warning! Shameless plug for Beloit below- proceed at your own risk:

I walked into work about 15 minutes ago and one of our dedicated admissions staff was on the phone with a prospective student. She sounded concerned and was asking questions such as, "Are you near a McDondalds? A Road Ranger? No? Ok..."

I was slightly confused but decided I would ask questions when I came back upstairs after a trip to the bathroom. When I returned, seven admissions staff and Gold Key coordinator (and fellow blogger!) Alex Catalan had all materialized and were hurrying about, trying to print things and looking up directions to a bus stop in Kenosha, Wisconson. It turns out that said prospective student had accidently gotten on the wrong bus at the airport (which is easy to do, so please double check when you visit!!!!!!!) and was now located about an hour north of where she wanted to be. As soon as the admissions counselors knew where she was, they hopped in a car and are racing toward Kenosha as I type! That, my friends, is committment! A harrowing tale of a daring rescue- thanks, admissions staff! We love you!

The reason for all the on hand staff members (they are wonderful, but not present in the office 24/7) is because it is the last of our Autumn Visit days tomorrow, and there are over one hundred perspective students on campus! That's 8 percent of our student body! A big thanks to the Gold Key coordinators for running this all- it is a HUGE task and you do an incredible job every time.
Oh, Beloit. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by my love for thee.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

This weekend was a whirlwind of fun and games, followed by work and more work. Unfortunately, that's the way the cookie crumbles. This weekend was of particular note for a few reasons:

My parents came to visit, and they brought my dog! My dad took all the pictures in this blog, and this one details the fall colors beautifully. While here we went to the football team's last game (which they won in overtime, 16-13!!!!!), an art opening at the school owned gallery down town, and a modern dance show about disabilities called From the Limb where they met a large amount of the members of Theater for Social Action, including Dan, Angie, and Sophie, who were all at the dance concert in the row ahead of us. Exciting stuff!

Emma Ramsbottom '10, Liz Ziner '10, and Megan Armstrong '10 accompanied us for dinner at the Atlanta Bread Company.

This is the crowd at the Voodoo Barbie performance that evening (the reason for my parent's visit). The woman in the foreground is Ms Judy Ziner, Liz's mom. Liz is in Voodo Barbie with me and her parents surprised her by going to the performance.

Jon Verkler and Travis Robinson during an improv game called Oxygen Deprivation. One has to stick their head in a bucket of water while two other people perform a scene. When the person in the bucket can't hold their breath any more, they start banging the floor with their hand to signal that they need to get out. Then one of the people in the scene thinks of a reason to leave and they take over for the person in the bucket, who them has to think of a reason for entering the scene while being wet. This is Jon being relieved by Travis in the middle of the game.

This is Voodoo Barbie (counter clockwise, starting with the bottom right corner: Daisy Donohue '10, Emily Edstrom '10, Liz Ziner '10, Caitlin MacDougall '10, Travis Robinson '08, Lincoln McLain '08, Jade Daugherty '11, Amelia Buzzell '10, Betsy Huggins '10, and Jon Verkler '11). We often perform during Presidential Weekends and other scheduled visit days, so keep an eye open if you do!