Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two part blog!

Part 1-
I have a split shift in Admissions tonight. From 7-9 I'll be attending a guest lecturer on campus. He's one of the foremost scholars on the end of the African slave trade, and I was told by my adviser that it's going to be really great. African diaspora? History nerds? Prestigious scholar? Count me in! I have to admit, this will be my first encounter with a history scholar outside of the Beloit faculty. Will I be interested in what he's saying? What if I have a stupid question (none of that "there aren't stupid questions, only stupid answers" stuff) because I'm only beginning to delve into the field and don't know how ignorant it sounded- like a question that you know the answer to once it's halfway out of your mouth? I suppose that's how people learn. This is a silly thought process... I'm really not worried- really excited, though! I was just typing my thoughts. Which is, I suppose, the point of this blog. Or any blog, for that matter. Speaking of, the second part of this blog will be when I return to admissions and let you know how it went. I'll also tell tales of giving bids for Kappa Delta today- it's a crazy, busy time of year (as evidenced by the insane 50 degree weather change today), but it's also some of the best times. I'll report back soon!

Part deux-
Okay, as nerdy as my excitement about the speaker was, so shall this part about the lecture be. Did you know that South Carolina pushed for a clause at the constitutional convention to keep the slave trade legal until 1808? Then, once they got it, they didn't open the trade until 1803, 15 years after they put so much effort into it? Interesting, right? And that Ben Franklin's last letter to the public was mocking the slave trade and slavery? What an interesting lecture. It's amazing what human beings will do to each other for money, what justifications about the oppression and torture of men, women, and children are made in order to glean a profit. Sigh.

This is the lecturer, Paul Finkelman. He opened the evening with a joke about President Bush. Teehee.