Sunday, October 7, 2007

Haiku: The Challenge

Goal of this blog: to write about recent events in verse, specifically haikus. Aaaaaand, go!

Homecoming weekend
Beloit students past
One day we'll remember, too
The sweetness of youth

Oh, Kappa Delta
Alum whose stories rivet
Champion Osculate

Geology field trip on Sunday
Early in the morn'
Stumble to the science lab
Naptime in the vans

Baraboo, 'sconsin
In ancient times, folded rocks
Continents collide

Devil's Lake, cliffs, sun
Wade in at lunch, rocky sand
Hey! I skipped two rocks!

The exhuastion of the mind
Study. Sleep. Study.

Papers and research
Stacking mental layers with
Full concentration

Fall break
Freedom? Is that you?
Fling, float, fly, flap, flaunted rest
I had forgotten

Student Outreach Interns
Old and matronly
A little bit square, but cute
As Beloit is shared

While in Admissions
Things get creative and crazed
And sometimes Miss Seuss-

Miss Seuss says: What did
You do? Where did you go? Did
It rain? Did it snow?

Then I write in verse
Oh, aren't syllables funny?

Thanks, Krista, for the
Inspiring, accidental
Oh, my dear Miss Seuss

Have a nice night, friends!

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