Thursday, October 11, 2007

Julie came in, here is her poem...

Julie and the Medical Condition

Oh, sweet Julie fair

with brown eyes and brown hair
Has a love that she longs to see

Each week she makes sure,

with a heart that's quite pure,
To find time for with them to be

It takes only an hour
for her joy to flower
On her face, a fine filigree

And when the time's up
it is awfully abrupt
And she knows she wants not to be free

For each night when she dreams

Each picture gleams
With what her life someday may be

And when she wakes to the day

the dreams prompts her to say:
"I love you, Grey's Anatomy."

Love you, Julie!

I hope everyone enjoys their next week! See you after break, world!



Beloit College :: Student Outreach Interns said...

For Emily Et Ses Pieds

It's rainy, she said,
and the wind blows as if only to chill me,
and yet I have no yarn for knitting.

The seasons have turned
and her wardrobe is pained
to keep her warm and chipper.

To Rogan's, my friend!
For closed-toe shoes
and thick-soled moccasins!

And soon she will be shod
in wool stockings.

Love, Julia

Beloit College :: Student Outreach Interns said...

Waite...why does Julia get a pic of McSteamy and i americanaed iguanna????!!!????