Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Summer in five pictures or less

The challenge: Provide an overview of my summer using only five picutres to do it. And use five sentences to describe each photo, no more, no less.
Here goes!

My friend Michelle came to visit me in June. She had only been to Minnesota once before, and only went to the Mall of America at that. We went to the cherry and spoon sculpture, simply because no one can resist. Plus, it was an excuse to be downtown at night. I should make a public apology to Michelle right now for getting lost at least 9 times that day- I'm sorry, Michelle, I really should pay more attention to road signs.

This is from a media event my summer job held about renemable energy. It's at the Minnesota state capitol, and each pinwheel represented one of the windmills it would take to power the entire twin cities, minneapolis and st. paul, on wind power. There were 421 pinwheels, and the event was with U.S. PIRG. They were trying to pass a national renewable elctricity standard this summer, and I know it did go through the House of Representatives, but I don't think the Senate has voted yet. In case you were wondering.

I like this one a whole lot. This is Laura. She is neat. We went to high school together. We met each other in ninth grade when a mutual friend sent me a singing tellagram at lunch via Laura.

This is my good friend Sam. We also went to high school together. This summer we took a trip to New York we'd been talking about for quite some time (yay five musicals in three days over the 7th Harry Potter book release!). Here he is in our tiny hotel room. Mind you, he's a giant, but the room really was that small.

This was taken at my friend Kevin's cabin where 12 of us went for a weekend this summer. I just thought it was a bit creepy, so I put it up. That's Laura with me behind her and then Regina. I did not go to high school with Regina, but, oddly enough, met her through the same mutual friend through whom I met Laura. Regina goes to school at Loyola, which is in Chicago and therfore only an hour and a half away, and I'm going to visit her next weekend- yay!

Ok, one more, if only because I love it oh so much:

This is Sam, Megen, Andy, and Laura at the Zoo. We went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 3-D. We had a hard time figuring out that the 3-D glasses are only used for one part of it, so we might have worn them the entire film (don't judge). Then, on our way out, we pretended we were going to zoo camp! Aren't they precious?

Well, that was basically my summer. Lots of play, good friends, and a bit of work. Plus, let's face it, a good amount of Harry Potter. It was a grand ol' time, but I am happy to be back at Beloit. One can only keep one's summer brain for so long before it is time to start thinking again.
Enjoy your day!

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