Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good-bye, Heath!

Ok, I admit this entry may seem a bit silly, but I wanted to acknowledge something big that hit the media today. Heath Ledger died, and it's crazy how quickly news spreads in this day and age. A wonderfully talented person that did some really great work in his time, my prayers are with his family and friends. That being said, someone pointed out to me that 27 American soldiers and 349 Iraqi citizens have died in 2008 alone. It's a little extraneous to shower quite so much attention on something that we will know nothing new about for the next 48 hours, but I think it's an interesting study of American culture. True, he lived a highly visible life, but our society's obsession with celebrity deaths and culture is disturbing at times. Anywho, I was just thinking about it and feel like it's something of which to be aware.

I hope everyone sleeps well and has a pleasant week. Good bye!

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