Wednesday, December 5, 2007


A friend told me about this the other day, and I thought I'd share it with you all.

This weekend we had a snow/sleet storm here that, unfortunately, forced me to cancel my plans to visit Chicago. A friend of mine was directing a show that only played the weekend, so hopefully it was taped. The good news is that the weekend turned out to be lovely anyway. I went to brunch with some Kappa Deltas and then we went on a quick Christmas shopping trip. The evening consisted of Lord of the Rings watching (including pulling my life-sized Legolas cardboard cut out out of my trunk, placing a Santa figurine jauntily on his shoulder, and hiding him (creepily) behind the festively decorated tree... actually, quite like this google image I just found... that's odd),
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going to TKEs Kontiki party (complete with live regge band), and the Outdoor Environmental Club's Talking Heads party, where they only play Talking Heads music. Last year so many people attended that their wooden living room floor looked like a trampoline from everybody dancing on it. The crowd managed to break four crossbeams before the entire group was forced to migrate to a new location. Not quite as much excitement this year, but still an energetic evening. I think quite a few people were sticking close to home because of the weather. I myself fell down TKEs front porch steps, so I can see the aversion. Thankfully no harm done and I was able to laugh at myself... along with the few other people outside, after they had helped me up, of course.
Have a happy day tomorrow!

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