Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Smell of the Kill

I went to a play last night titled "The Smell of the Kill".
It was held in the smallest of our theatres, the Bunge, and people had to be turned away because it was so well attended. Jordana Berk '08 directed it and two of my good friends, Daisy Donohue '10 and Michelle Casali '08, were two of the visible three person cast (two other actors were voices off stage and many other talented and amazing people were involved, and I can't wait to spend more time with them all at the upcoming American College Theater Festival). The show is about three women that have gotten together for an evening every month for 12 years because their husbands were friends in college. They are not particularly close, however, and throughout the course of the play we learn that all of them are extremely dissatisfied in some way with their husbands and their lives. Hilarity and mounting tension ensues, and they all have a decision to make when their husbands get accidently locked into a meat locker. It was very well done and completely entertaining. There's nothing like a dark, female-empowering comedy as a way to broaden one's horizons, get one laughing, and escape one's busy day for awhile.

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