Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, everyone! I've already carved my pumpkin, and the candy is in a bowl by the door. Bring it on, costumed little ones!

Last night, in celebration of the spookiest time of year, there was a ghost walk held on the Beloit campus. The paths were lit with candles in white bags, and there was cider and cookies out for everyone. The campus looked really magical, and the RAs worked hard to put it all together. The only thing that would have made it better was a big, fat snow storm!
Ok, I know what some of you might be thinking: is she CRAZY?! It can't snow YET!

Au contraire, mes amies. Tomorrow is November, and where I'm from (Minnesota, in case you forgot) November means winter. And winter means snow. It's not quite cold enough for it here yet, but I would bet on some flurries in the next two weeks. I mean, I'm not a meteorologist, but my new red coat with over sized buttons is waiting on the back of my desk chair oh, so patiently right next to my comfy black boots, sooo... something's gotta give.

Have a spooky Halloween and great All Saint's day (that's tomorrow)!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: My parents have been encouraging my extended family to read this (Hi, everyone!), and I have a couple redactions to make. First of all, my aunt isn't a travel coordinator, she owns a travel company. And second, my mother is only a LITTLE afraid I'm going to get malaria. We've talked about all the medical necessities for my trans-Atlantic jaunt, but moms will be moms and sometimes moms worry. It's ok, Mom, I'm not going for over another year. Heck- I have to make it INTO the program first! So, try not to be too worried too soon. Love you!

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