Thursday, September 13, 2007

Emily: The Five Minute Guide

Beginnings can be awkward. Especially for people, such as myself, who feel fairly secure greeting people in the real world, but are never quite sure how to present themselves online without sounding like a carefully worded personal add. So, being a big fan of various ice breakers, I decided to do a mini tutorial centered mainly on a few of my favorite things (partly because I like thinking of favorite things, and also because I love musicals and puns). Starting with a list I made during a pause in Geology today-

Favorite words:

Favorite baby animals:
-Wookies (I know they are fictional, but I'm pretty sure that is irrelevant in this case... sometimes I make executive decisions about these things)

Favorite Antagonists (fictional and historical):
-Miss Trunchbull from Matilda

Favorite Beloit facts:
-The school got sued for having the same mascot symbol as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
-The "Wall" is a handicap access ramp
-Oscar Meyer of Oscar Meyer wieners was on the board of trustees
-Pearson's Hall was designed by Burnham and Root, the architectural firm in the book the Devil in the White City

Ok, I think that's a fairly accurate introduction to me. I hope it wasn't too awkward, but I'm pretty sure the wookies saved me from the personal add trap.
Have a good day!

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Katherine said...

Ok, this is your old roommate. and I feel really very nerdy posting a comment on this. But, I think it also interesting to note that Beloit won that lawsuit against the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, because we are significantly cooler. (and older.)